Anymore Hardcover/Physical + Nexus Bundles Coming Out?

I personally love collecting both the hardcovers and digital versions.

I know about Vampire & Avatar Legend’s hardcover bundles, although are there going to be more in the future?

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We certainly hope so! We don’t have specific details to share at this time, but Physical + NEXUS Bundles are something we love doing with our publishing partners. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the heads-up! I love these bundles too, and I am planning to wait and buy one if there is a Marvel + Nexus bundle since I love the Nexus toolkits, thanks Joshua.

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Also, we need book “purchases” to be persistent if our subscription lapses for some reason. There is no reason that we should lose all of the books we bought if our Demiplane subscription has a gap for any reason.

I’ll share here what I’ve already replied to you elsewhere.

What if our membership lapse is more than a month? What if it is more than six months? How long do we retain access to our characters and purchases once our subscription lapses?

You never lose access to books you have purchased. Period. That is a core value of ours to never take anything you have paid for away from you.

If your Membership lapses, you will be prompted to delete the characters you have more than 7 in order to access the character tools. At this point, you can go re-up your Membership, rather than delete your characters, but you will not be able to access your characters without either re-upping your Membership or deleting characters down to 7.

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