AP pricing

It seems some of the APs don’t come with a discount for syncing with my Paizo account. For example, the Season of Ghosts bundle, consisting of 4 books, is $91.96, but the Stolen Fate bundle, which has 3 books, has $68.97 scratched out and $40.99 listed instead, presumably because I own it from Paizo. But I own Season of Ghosts, too.

Is this intentional, or is there an error?

In fact, it looks like everything below The Destiny War (part of Stolen Fate) is missing the discount including the next Stolen Fate book, The Worst of All Possible Worlds.

Hey mtakatz, thanks for your post! We’re looking into your report to see what we can figure out.

So far, it looks like this is the list:

Strength of Thousands
Fists of the Ruby Phoenix
Stolen Fate: The Worst of All Possible Worlds (which impacts the bundle price, too)
Sky Kings Tomb
Season of Ghosts
All of the Pathfinder Society content
Many of the standalone Adventures (about half)
None of the other content

I might be buying some the content, but not for a little while, so I’m not itchy to get a solution today.


Could you try to resync your account?

You can go to https://pathfindernexus.com and then click on your icon on the top right, then to Account Settings, and to Sync Accounts.

Let me know if that helps or not!

That did fix most of it. Fists of the Ruby Phoenix, a couple society adventures, and a couple standalone are still broken. I don’t really care about those atm, so I’ll resync again later to see if that clears them up.


I believe with Ruby Phoenix, if you have the individual adventures in the path and not the collected version, you won’t see the discount. But our Support team will get you that discount, if you reach out to them!

If you can let me know which PFS adventures you’re seeing it on, I’ll take a deeper dive into those to see what I can do to fix them. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for reporting!

The standalones that I don’t have discounted here I don’t have at Paizo, either, so those are explained (they’re “one-shots” at Paizo).

The PFS scenarios… seem to be the same. I need to check with Paizo about that since I’m supposed to be getting them. In fact, I have Scenario #5-11 queued up. Weird.

Huh! Fingers crossed they can help get your PFS subscription sorted… And then it’ll work on our end (I’m putting out all the good vibes into the technology that makes all this work!)

Thanks for the update.

Yup, looks like the rest is on my side. I’m glad I was checking today.

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