Archetype feats

building a gunslinger who has the knight reclaimant archetype but not all the feats connected to that archetype are showing up

Thanks for letting us know! We’re still working through archetype functionality so I expect this is one that we just haven’t gotten done with yet, but I’ll make a note for the team to look into this. :slight_smile:

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Quick follow-up: Which specific feats are you not seeing connected?

voice as cold as death and the ashen veil aren’t showing up

Hello! Thanks for providing us with the feats you’re not able to add.

Looking into them, it looks like those are skill feats for the dedication, not general feats. We believe that means those will be available to your Knight Reclaimant character to choose at the levels they gain a skill feat.

From the Advanced Player’s Guide where they are first introduced, for the curious!

Occasionally, an archetype feat works like a skill feat instead of a class feat. These archetype feats have the skill trait, and you select them in place of a skill feat, otherwise following the same rules above.

Hopefully you should be able to select those two feats in your skill feat options!