Armor Options

There seems to be no option for choosing no armor at all. While I’m aware you can just not pick any it seems odd that leather armor makes you more evasive than no armor.

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It seems to be a freebee. You do not have to buy it. Equip it. And you automatically have the ability to wear it with no Penalty (Except for any built in penalty that everyone who dons it suffers) and maybe in game there is an option to sell it.

Hello jenasrhodry! Welcome to Demiplane.

While in character creation you are prompted to select a primary and secondary weapon, and a set of armor as a part of the creation rules, you do not have to equip it. You can leave it unequipped–which even works great if you happen to have the Bare Bones domain card, which gives you bonuses when you’re unarmored.

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True my point was wearing leather armor gives +1 evasion while wearing no armor gives nothing… Although thinking on it that is a rules question for the game not the site. Thankyou for the responses anyway.