Avatar Legends Character Builder?

I was searching around and couldn’t find any mention of the Avatar Legends character builder said to be launching some time this year. Though we have plenty of time!

I was wondering if this is already in early Alpha/Beta testing phases I could opt into or no? I have several groups and a discord channel that plays this often and would be great testing candidates.

it’s not launched yet, they’ve said that the priority is the pathfinder character builder, because they’re building it specifically as a template, so they can get the other systems launched quicker by modifying that, rather than building a new character builder from scratch. If you want to stay up to date, the best way is the dev updates that they stream on twitch every Tuesday

Thank you! That makes sense. And I am not too concerned as it’s only mid May so plenty of time left to get the AL one up and going.

Thank you for thr information.

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