Avatar Legends Character Creation - Combat Techniques

I’m reading through the Avatar Legends Core Book. My son wants to play and the rules are completely unfamiliar to me. Lots to learn but I’m excited to GM a game for him.

During character creation I understand that a character can select one mastered technique AND one learned technique. Brilliant. This makes sense.

Also, on the printable character sheets, I see a technique is already checked off… or preselected for me. For example, The Adamant, Pinpoint Aim is already checked with L, P, & M.

Does this preselected technique count against the two techniques the character is allowed to start with? So the character actually has three techniques to start. 1 preselected and 2 of my choosing.


If I only get two, if I wanted something different that Pinpoint Aim, I need to remove it as default selection and pick whatever two I want.


If I only get two, I need to keep the preselected technique and choose whatever second technique I wanted.

I hope I’m describing this clearly. If I’m fundamentally misunderstanding something, please let me know. Thanks.

I undertand it and play it as 2 techniques extra to the pre selected one.

In the paper Books, the pre selected techniques are not even aviable to others to choose. They are at least not in the list you are supposed to chose from.

But this list at the end of the book is a mess anyway.

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Fantastic. If I understand you correctly, that’s 3 total. Excellent logic to sleuth it out. Appreciate the insight!

I read it as meaning that the Playbook Technique is an additional option exclusive to that Playbook:

Choose your starting advanced techniques from your playbook’s own advanced technique and all other techniques available to your skills and training. Each playbook has their own unique combat technique that they can choose, representing the combat style and theme of that type of hero. […] However, instead of your playbook’s technique, you can choose one of several techniques (see Appendix A) based on your character’s fighting style.