Avatar Legends Character Sheet - Viewing Permissions will not save

When trying to share my character sheet I selected the option: View- anyone with a link
Every time I reload the character sheet the viewing option has been changed to View - Me Only, preventing my ability to share my sheet with my group.

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

I have a bit more info that may help narrowing down the issue. Viewing Permission changed to Anyone With a Link does actually allow other users to view the sheet. It’s only when I reload the sheet does it default make to Me Only and prevents sharing the page.

wait you can share a character? how?

the character builder is so confusing to me

We have a fix in the works, but once it’s ready to roll out, you’ll be able to share your character sheet by clicking the character’s portrait on the sheet. This pops out the Sheet Settings sidebar. At the bottom of that sidebar, you can update your share settings to let anyone with the link view your sheet, and then all that’s left is to copy/paste the link to share it with whoever you want. :slight_smile:

oh cool gotcha. if i can make a suggestion, i didn’t know that you could click the character’s portrait to edit them… i might just be blind but maybe there is a way to make that more self evident?

Thanks for the feedback! That’s on our list. :slight_smile: