Avatar Legends Game, Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. May 24th - July 26th

Exact time tbd

Hello, I’m a teacher running a summer campaign for Avatar Legends. Anyone interested in joining reply to this topic and Ill get in touch. Here is a brief description of the setting and the campaign.

You were only a child when the fire nation chased you and your family out of West Siyordi, making you refugees in your own kingdom. Fifteen years later, you’ve settled into a life in the city of Ba-Sing-Se. However, just as the scars of your past began to heal, you find fliers being distributed throughout the entire city, calling on the brave citizens of West Siyordi to rally together, and march to the western coast of the Earth Kingdom to reclaim their lost home. You can’t help but feel compelled to answer the call.


Though if this is a remote style live session that requires audio or video chat then I unfortunately can’t join as I work from home Tuesdays - Saturdays and my attention has to present for that. I can, however, keep up with writing posts as required for Play by Post or forum style campaigns. I am also quite familiar with the material, having run one of the published adventures myself already.

It’s voice, but exact time is tbd. I’ll keep you posted.