Avatar Legends: Republic City - Support Thread

Ready for some Korra-era adventures? I sure am! Republic City is now available in full on Demiplane! This includes the new character options (like three new playbooks!) in the builder, as well as initial support for pro-bending, vehicles, and mecha in the character sheet. Check out the new tab on the sheet to optionally add one of these new ways to play to your character. Please note that creation of custom mecha and vehicles is not yet available.

Get Republic City now!

If you encounter any issues with with Republic City in the character tools, digital compendium, or NEXUS, please let us know in this thread.

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i bought the physical book from magpie, can i unlock the digital version here? i didn’t see how

When you purchased the book from Magpie, you may have seen a hardcover + digital bundle (we also offer it on the NEXUS), which includes both versions of the book. However, if you did not purchase that bundle, you would not get access to the NEXUS version of the book with your purchase. They are separate versions of the book, and so you would need to make another purchase to get the NEXUS version at this point. :slight_smile:

Hello again,

I am reasonably certain that I purchased the ultimate bundle some time ago for Avatar, but after purchasing Republic City, it is showing that the ultimate bundle is $1. Is there a way that I can see my purchase history to verify?

You can send us a support ticket and I’ll pull that information for you. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the account information right now, but that’s something we hope to address in the future. :slight_smile:

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