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I have shared my avatar core rule book with my son. We’re using his computer logged into his account to build out his character. Using the nexus to view source materials.

I am able to go search and enter a keywords. For example, ‘mastered’. It does a search and shows me that it shows up in the Core Rulebook.

When I click “View Details”, it doesn’t take me to the source materials to view more details on what I searched.

Instead it takes me back to the Core Book purchase screen for $29.99 where I can Add to Cart OR View Source (That I shared from my account).

So essentially the search feature is useless for shared materials, as we are unable to jump to the location in the core book. Even though it is shared.

Our expectation was that when we clicked the “View Details” for the search result, we would be taken to that spot in the source materials.

No work around for us. The index in the core book is terrible, not your fault, but oof… impossible to use effectively.

Thanks for reporting this - what you posted is not at all how it is supposed to work. I took a look and something isn’t working properly with “entitlements” for shared content. We will be taking a look as soon as we can and get that fixed.

I’ll also share that the general Search functionality for a NEXUS is in the earliest stages at this point in Early Access. We have been laser-focused on character tools development and haven’t spent enough time with optimizing search results, but it is the next “big rock” we will move to once character tools are in place.

For example, searching “mastered” would ideally produce a result at the top of the list that would take you to the specific section of the Core Book that talks about learned, practiced, and mastered techniques. Search will absolutely work like this once we take our next pass at it soon.

Thanks again!

No worries my friend. I’m in it to win it. I have consumed the Demiplane Nexus kool-aid and I am all in.

I do this software stuff for a living. Completely understand priorities and resource limitations. This is all a work in progress… just tickled to be a part of it.

I suspected it wasn’t functioning quite right. As I find more little bits, I’ll post them here. Appreciate the response back.

Following up quickly as our team is looking into the sharing issue and having trouble replicating it. Can you confirm for me if this issue is still occurring? If so, could you 1) confirm that you’re seeing your son’s account (making sure there are no typos and his account hasn’t magically disappeared) in your list of accounts that you’re sharing content with, and 2) if you are, could you try un-sharing and re-sharing to see if perhaps that resolves the issue?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Alrighty, I’m at work for the next few hours. When my kid gets home from school around 3:00pm EST, I’ll get on this. Try to record some video so you can see what we’re seeing… assuming I’m able to reproduce.

Also, I changed a parameter since I last posted. For my original post, the only content I purchased for Avatar Legends was the Core Book. Yesterday, I purchased the remaining materials. I’m not sure if it will have an impact. Just wanted to convey the variables have shifted a bit.

Thanks for the response.

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Thanks! If something is truly bugged with your instance of content sharing, that shouldn’t change anything. However, if it was a temporary glitch, everything could be working now. Either way, I’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you as we gather some more information about what you’re seeing to resolve the issue. :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m a little late with my update. Family crazy time took my afternoon. :slight_smile:

Alright, so I’m attaching a video. I’m on my sons computer. I was able to replicate the error. I also unshared the content and reshared. Same problem.

Let me know if you need more.

Uploaded video to my google drive. Hopefully link works for you…

Also I just noticed that there is a second search box on the sources content page. Never noticed it before… I tried searching mastery using that second search box.

Below is the result… no results… which is also a result in itself I suppose.

Right - the search box on the sources page searches what’s underneath it (which are the sources themselves).

In some of the games we support, there are dozens of books, so that exists to quickly filter that list to a specific book you’re looking for. Who knows, Avatar Legends could end up with dozens of books one day too.

Thanks for the video, this helps a lot!

I think I better understand what you’re seeing, and what the expected behavior here is, so let me close the loop quickly: Reiterating what BadEye said before, our search functionality is still in its early stages, so currently when a search result returns a section in a book, it takes you to the source page where you can navigate to that section in the table of contents. This is something that we’re aware of, and a piece of what we hope to address in future updates to search functionality.

Since your son doesn’t own the book, he still has the option to purchase it, since some people may want to add books to their collection even as other people share those books with them. We’ve seen this to be true in cases where someone only has temporary shared access to a book for a game, or after trying out a system for the first time. We don’t want to limit someone’s ability to purchase a book, so that purchase button is still on the source page even though they can already access it as a shared source.

So the tl;dr is: Everything is working as it should given the current state of search functionality. However, when search functionality is updated in the future, that will likely change. :slight_smile:

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Right on. I suspected that may be the case. It wasn’t functioning “as expected” from my user perspective, so I figured it would be good to drop a comment.

You’re sort of building this airplane as you’re flying it. I’m very much okay with it. No complaints here, but I’m probably doing you a disservice if I don’t at least speak-up about the parts that feel odd. Thanks for the assist.

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