Avatar Legends Starter Kit Core Rules Promo Code Invalid

I’m trying to redeem the Promo Code to get 50% off on the Core Rules for Avatar Legends. I have the Core Rules in my cart and type in the Promo Code but on Apply Code it says it’s invalid.

I bought the Starter Set and used the promo to buy the Core Book on here at half price earlier this year. I’d double check that you entered the promo correctly or look for a QR code. I don’t remember if it had one or not but QR codes tend to work better than promo codes, at least in my experience.

I put the promo code in like 10 times and it didn’t work.

Also, the QR code was just to redeem the Starter Set on Demiplane. The 50% off was separate and said it needed to be used at checkout.

That being said, I did try the QR code and input the promo code in that way just to see and it didn’t work anyway.

In that case, please send us a support ticket and we’ll dig into the issue.

Our offices are closed this week, but we’ll take a look at what’s happening and get it fixed. :slight_smile: