Avatar Legends Starter Set Codes

I just picked up the Avatar Legends Starter Set at Target. I tried to redeem the two codes for Avatar Legends Nexus and it says they don’t exist.

Please advise on what we should do to get this content.


It is possible you redeemed them successfully but didn’t see the follow up link to the content. Check out the Sources page to see if you find The Pirates of Crimson Sails and The Burning Fuse in the list of sources. If so, you’re good to go.

If you don’t see them there, then please submit a support ticket and our team will get it resolved for you.


No, they are not there. A red message pops up saying the code does not exist. I will submit a ticket.


FYI in case other need to know … there are two lines of code to be redeemed, but they are one singe code. Apparently the printer broke the single code into two separate lines.


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