Avatar Legends Starter Set “Elemental Extras?”

So I figured out the code (both lines are one code) but all it added was the two adventures and the short rules. What are these “elemental extras”?


Yeah, we didn’t know that the code was going to be printed on two lines, but it is indeed a single code that needs to be put in once. We added a message to the redemption page to hopefully help folks, but I’m calling it out here too in case someone comes across it in the forums.

As for what you are able to access from the Starter Set on Avatar Legends NEXUS, you can use the code referenced above to unlock the two adventures (The Pirates of Crimson Sails and The Burning Fuse) and the rules booklet in the box has been released to all for free in digital form, called the “Short Rules” on the NEXUS.

While I didn’t write the product description that went on the box insert, it’s my understanding that the “elemental extras” phrase was vivid alliteration to refer to everything else the digital tools on the NEXUS offer (game compendium listings and primers in addition to the content in the digital reader) and what they are going to offer once the character builder and digital character sheet are released, plus the 50% off code for the Core Book.

There is nothing you’re missing if you have unlocked the two adventures and you’re using the Short Rules in digital form.


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