Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

two streamers (husband and wife) are looking for a dm and other players to join us with playing Avatar Legends. We want to stream it of course and we have bought the deluxe version of this game so we have all the resources as well as some streamer only content that we were given. Hoping to find some cool/chill people that would be interested. If you like the last airbender, then we are already friends and probably already like each other. if you think korra > aang then you can keep walking. unless you’re ready to defend that terrible claim till the day you kill off the avatar cycle. We are EST, i am a seasoned player while my wife is a noobie. We typically play later in the day but we are flexible with timing and frequency.

Hello! I would love to play in an Avatar game. I actually was thinking of running one of the Starter Set adventures since I just bought it. It comes with pregens as it makes it a little bit easier to get right into playing (and me to GM it). Unfortunately, I do like Korra more than Aang and I will die on that hill (if we end up playing together, we can discuss all about that hehe).

I am a seasoned player (about 10 years experience in all sorts of systems) and love to teach games to new players. One caveat right now is that my wife and I just recently had a newborn so my time is a bit constrained. Right now, I’m only available during the day almost any day (until April, after that only on weekends), but once the little one starts sleeping through the night, I’ll be able to play in the evenings. Oh! I’m CST, so only one hour earlier.

Let me know if we can work something out!


Edit: I also went all in on the KS so I have the digital and physical library of the content, if that helps at all.

hey there. I don’t know how to message people directly so why don’t you join our discord so we can talk more about the details and what we can do. here is an invite for you and I guess anyone else reading this that is interested in joining us.

I see thay your channel and streams are more focused on video games. Have you streamed any TTRPGs before?

we are variety streamers so we’ve streamed a little of everything. on top of video games we also have irl cooking stream, table top streams where we play on camera or with the community, and a number of other events/irl streams. we have not streamed a campaign before and we are super excited for that. but this will also be a learning experience, not sure if we should use demi-plane, roll 20, or something else. we also have some extensions that can help as well.

Hello, I would love to join in an ATLA game! I have all the backer kit and the extra items from target as well. I have yet to play a game as I need to find people to play with.

awesome! we have a GM and a few other possible players we are speaking with. come join our discord at The Apple Tree and we’ll figure everything out

If im not too late… i might be interested! i havent played this system yet, but ive played dnd for a bit so roleplaying wise im okay-ish haha. i DO like legend of korra but im not sure if id say its… BETTER? (but uhh korrasami 4lyfe)

my timezone MIGHT be the biggest hurdle?? as i am +1 (central european/amsterdam) but im sure we can figure stuff out as im in general available during the days and evenings.

Not to late at all! we got to play a couple of one shots but we haven’t started our main campaign yet. asami anything 4lyfe lol.

we can talk about the time thing in discord where it’s more convenient. here is a link you can use to join it. make sure to add the rules and your roles. The Apple Tree