Back button navigation in PF2e mobile character sheet

This might be a tricky one, but hoping there might be something that can be done here.

In the character sheet on mobile, when switching between tabs via the menu, each tab takes me to a different “screen”. The natural-feeling thing, when I want to go back to the previous “screen” (as you would in a mobile app, as it works in d&d beyond, etc) is to press back.

Right now, this backs me out of the character sheet entirely and necessitates navigating back into the sheet and therefore a full load of all the character sheet data.

I and my party do this accidentally almost constantly when we’re using the character sheet on our phones. Eventually I’m sure we’ll be able to train ourselves away from doing this, but it would be very convenient for the back button to take us to the previously viewed tab. It’s also one less interaction than opening the menu and clicking the tab we want to go to, which would help things feel a lot more snappy when we’re quickly flipping through tabs. Thoughts?


Thanks so much for the feedback! Happy to pass it along to the team. :blue_heart:

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