'Bare Bones': Demiplane Armour Bug?

The ‘Bare Bones’ ability says:

“While this card is in your loadout, if you choose to not wear Armor, your Armor Score is equal to 3 + double your Strength Trait.”

But the lightest armour you can get gives you +1 to evasion: Shouldn’t there be a “No Armour” choice that gives the same effect? Not sure whether that’s Daggerheart or Demiplane getting it wrong!

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Hi there!

As a part of character creation you select an armor option, but it is not required that you equip it. If you choose to have the Bare Bones domain card in your loadout, you’ll likely want to leave armor unequipped, which will give you the bonuses from that domain card instead.


I think the original poster is asking why it is easier for the same character to avoid getting hit when encumbered by wearing armor as opposed to not being encumbered by NOT wearing armor.

IF so, this may be feedback question.

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Yes - if light armour gives you more evasion, but no armour doesn’t, I’d say that’s a bug.

That is more a game mechanic and I feel should go into Feedback so DP can see it.

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Perhaps a +2 evasion - no armor choice in the equipment selection process?

I wonder if this is because an evasion bonus for no armor would make the bare bones card too strong. Getting chainmail+ level armor that also boosts your evasion sounds like a high end magic item not a level 1 domain ability.

It does make bare bones overpowered - I think they tried to buff leather armour, and didn’t think it through.

put it another way - Bare bones, with 2 strength, gives you 7 armor while technically wearing nothing at all. that’s up there with the armor that gives you -1 evasion. so, from a slightly odd perspective, the +1 for wearing nothing at all is getting cancelled by the -1 you get for being such a beefy son of a gun. Further, if you push Strength to 5, you are the most heavily non-magical armored thing in the game at 13. while still not taking a reduction in evasion. The only thing close to this, in power, is a legendary Full plate at 12, that dings 2 evasion and 1 agility, and savior armor at 16, that lowers all your stats by 1. and makes you cry.

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