Battle Lute doesn't show corresponding melee actions

One of my party is using a battle lute as a bardic instrument/weapon, but in looking at her character sheet - the melee aspects of the the lute are not appearing for her (club). Has anyone dealt with items like this where the primary activity is one thing (wearable), and the secondary is a melee action? I can’t find a way to trigger the melee aspects and MAP etc? We’ve added Club as a melee item, but that’s not ideal as it has a 1d6 dmg counter instead of 1d4 (as the lute does). Appreciate any advice!

Thanks for the report, HorseSnorkel! (Also, absolutely incredible username) Battle Lute is not fully supported yet, but it is on our list!

Haha, thanks MellieDM! Appreciate you coming back to me so quickly. I’m glad I’m not just missing something obvious! I’ll keep an eye out for when it’s implemented fully.

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