Benefit of portal books vs pdfs?

I just picked up the Core Rulebook for $19.95 with a paizo synch discount. My question is… I already have the PDF. What does having the book in the portal do for 10 more dollars over the PDF price. I own all the other PDFs. What benefit do I get by buying the Bestiary in the portal vs already having the PDF? I guess I’m confused.

This is a tool set and is make playing, preparing and running for games easier. Along with the digital reader there will be compendium and character reader with ability and other features like taking notes at launch. There will be other tools like combat encounter that will come later.

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I mean, for me… its easier to navigate even the reader they have set up so far. Did i buy the Paizo pdfs before? Yes; but having something condense it all to an easy to use UI and more importantly have upkeep and quality of control is key for me and my friends.

Barrier of entry is also a factor… for this, you just need to make an account to have access to your DM’s books (if i read things right) to create your character; I think with places like hero lab, you need to subscribe to even use the service, and your DM will have to have all the books plus the high end subscription. And really… the UI inside Herolab isn’t all that great.

So for me, i’m happy to toss in $20 for books, and just buy new books here instead as things go on.

PDFs are static and given Paizo’s record of messing something up in a PDF, well it isn’t uncomon

But really, PF2 had a lot of errata already. A place like this, assuming DNDBeyond as a comparison, will have all the stuff with the most recent errata in it, while the PDF may have to wait for the next print run.

Second, since i continue to compare this to DNDBeyond, the text here could have highlighted hyperlinks to relevant sections or tooltips which directly show the rule in question without exiting the page. Which would come in super handy with all the rules PF2 provides.

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the PDFs are also pretty weak PDFs imo. No interactivity beyond being able to search them and I think that’s due to more advanced PDF reading software/web browsers these days that parse them for you. You can’t click on the table of contents in the PDF, for example, to go to a section, but you can on the digital reader/Demiplane portal, as an example.

They do have a pretty great table of contents / bookmarks in the PDF.
If you’re using Adobe Reader or Xodo you can see them and use them.
Just in case you didn’t know that yet. :slight_smile:

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When Paizo releases errata, the PDFs get updated as well.

only when they make a new print run as far as i’m aware. If they don’t make a new print run i think the pdf you got will stay the same.

Yeah that’s correct. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

This all sounds pretty good. If the PDFs are hyperlinked up, that’d be great for me. I use Xodo.
Also, if the Nexus has an app for my phone/tablet to keep my character sheet on. That’d be cool.

so this is going to be a ttrpg platform like Foundry, roll20 or fantasy grounds?

I think this is more analogous to D&D Beyond.