Best order to buy the books in

Hey guys, new GM here, moving from D&D th PF2e. So, I cant afford to buy the books in one shot, and to be honest, as I am fairly new to the system, I think I would be over-loaded with all of the info. So, I have purchased the Core and Gamemastery guide, and I am working on purchasing the Bestiary books. My goal is about 1 book a week. I am currently GM’ing an Abomination Vaults path, and setting up to run the Gatewalkers path, so I may make getting the Dark Archive after the Bestiarys a priority.

My question then becomes, in which order should I buy and read the books in order to further my understanding and GM abilities after the aforementioned books are in my library?

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers/insights!



Welcome to the PF II gang!!

First thing I’d ask is do you feel like you need more rule books or more Lore of the lands, Gods’,countries and so on?

Veteran of PF I, then Starfinder also then have been into PF II since the beginning the first day of the Playtest to current date today.

I’ve played some but usually GM and have GMed most of the AP’s out to date as well :slight_smile:


I keep seeing things about a new version of Pathfinder 2e. Things like alignment being removed, the ORC gaming license replacing the OGL, stat scores removed for just having the bonuses, more race tweaking, more finalized versions of the classes, and a major restructuring of the core books.

What isn’t clear is if any of our existing digital products will get ‘upgraded’ for free. I doubt it, but I guess maybe. I would think that it will take several years to completely switch over to… 2.1… or whatever it is going to be called, so it isn’t as though you can wait on it, really.

What I personally need to do is to see how the Foundry team intends to handle it. I mean, there is the potential for a fork or a tombstone version of the Foundry implementation. How the Nexus team here is going to handle it is also going to be… interesting.


I will like to know the order to buy books in, too.