Blood Lords - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore Blood Lords in this thread. Specifically anything with Zombie Feast, as that’s the first release. As additional titles come out for this Adventure Path, additional support topics can go here!

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

Corpse Tender is missing from the Archetypes section of the Rules thingie.

Thank you! We’re looking into it.

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This should be updated now!

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Bought the entire Adventure Path and now it says i have to pay 1$ each to unlock them even though i already purchased them. Same goes for Dark Archive. Bought it and lost access.

Thanks for reporting the issue. We updated the store and it caused a few titles to display incorrectly, but that has been resolved now.

I tried searching for the new backgrounds for Bloodlords for example Able Carter on Demiplane and nothing shows up on the search.

The new backgrounds do show up on Archives of Nethys and Foundry VTT.

Any chance the Backgrounds in the player’s guide will be on Demiplane’s roadmap in the future?

We plan to release these on the site, but had to figure out some of the behind the scenes logistics for this. I expect we’ll have more updates about this in the coming weeks.

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Adam commented on the AP player’s guides today 8/16/22 on DemiplaneRPG

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