Bookmarks and Last page read

I’d like to see bookmarks in the books on Demiplane.

I appreciate the well broken down table of contents, but I’d like it to remember
where i was reading. It loses my place any time I click away from the book that’s opened.
This happens even if I’m still logged in.

I’d like to be able to switch between books like say, a bestiary, but then I’d like to switch to the core manual to say, look up a condition. Then click back on the bestiary and it remember where I was.

So to be clear, the two things I’d like to see are as follows.

  1. Bookmarks on a ‘per book’ basis.
  2. Remember where I was in multiple books while flipping between books.
    Bonus points if this information is retained when I log back into Demiplane.

I agree, and would add that I would like a bookmarking feature to be able to easily trace back specific information (for some reason, I always forget where “Social Encounters” are in the CRB).

Oh, and maybe a bug (?) but when I used the universal search feature to search for “social encounter” it only showed me info from the Gamemastery Guide. I suspect it might be because the heading in the CRB is plural (Social EncounterS) but even then, does the universal search not search the full text or consider distinctions between singular and plural forms of words?