Bought Candela Obscura Book, Not Unlocked

I purchased the Candela Obscura Book and was charged the $19.99 + tax, but in the character builder, it still shows “unlock” labels on many of the classes and, when I select them, it requests I purchase the Core Rulebook (again), but with a price of $1. I don’t suppose this is intended?

Certainly not intended, I’m sorry to hear you encountered this issue! Please reach out to our Support team and they’ll get things fixed up for you as soon as they can:

I bought the Core rulebook a few days ago and I had access to everything, but not anymore. I have the same issue where it says I need to pay 1$. Just to let you know that it is not a one off problem.

Thanks for letting us know! We’ve got a fix in the works. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please send a support ticket to the link Mellie shared above and we’ll get things squared away in your account so you can get back to investigating magical phenomena. :slight_smile: