Broken features of character creation

Running iPhone 14 iOS version 16.2.
2 features of the new character creation tool that appear to be broken for me are listed below.

  1. the website will not load in desktop mode, any attempt to do so will result in a rather long load time followed by the website booting me back to the mobile page.
  2. I am unable to complete character creation due to the class options page. When I load the page there is a pop up that lists my class information. When I close that page there is a black box over all the levels between 1-7. Other than that the entire page will not allow me to select the drop down Menus next to the level. I ended up copy pasting the black box into my notes app and found out that the black box is actually just the initial pop up that lists the class information. Hope that helps. See photo attached.

Thanks for reporting.

I shared this elsewhere today, so I’ll cross-post it here:

Both of the issues you’re encountering sound like they’re related to the builder not being optimized for mobile yet.