Browsing Creatures QOL

Hi there,

I’m a DNDBeyond user and tempted to buy into Nexus. I love these site formats for my DMing.

However I think the creature browser is inconvenient. It offers a button to go forward or backwards a page, but it doesn’t offer the ability to click a specific page number.

“1 of 15.”

It would be -much- better if it had something like what you get on DND Beyond:

If instead it offered something like the above it would let me ‘take a guess’ and skip ahead. I do this a lot. It might not be the most efficient way to browse but it’s how I do it.

So, I want to suggest changing it to that method.

(I’d have posted two screenshots but new users can’t, so I’ve linked the DNDB one for comparison)


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Thanks for the feedback! This is something that is already on our radar as part of some planned quality of life improvements. While it may not look exactly like the screenshot you’ve shared here, that is something we’re already looking at for future updates. :slight_smile: