Bug: Ancestry ability boosts doubled, tripled or quadrupled in Firefox

When creating a character or opening an existing one in Firefox, the number of free ancestry ability boosts doubles, while fixed boosts and flaws are displayed as tripled in the top menu and quadrupled in the selection menu. E.g., a gnome is supposed to have one free boost, one boost in Con and Cha, and a flaw in Str. Instead, a gnome has two free boosts, +6 or 8 to Con and Cha, and -6 or -8 to Str:

I believe a similar issue had already been flagged early on in the alpha, and it has indeed been successfully resolved for Chrome/Chromium, but I wanted to bring to your attention that it appears to persist in Firefox

Thanks, I appreciate you bringing this up. We’re exploring the issue still. :slight_smile: