Bug - Big Trait shouldn’t be able to be taken multiple times

Currently, the trait Big allows you to take it multiple times in the Character Builder. However, in the description for the ability, it doesn’t state it can be taken multiple times, nor is this mentioned in the errata or the FAQ.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll take a look!

A quick update from the team: Per the Marvel team this is something that isn’t intended, but is necessary in the short-term as a way to gain the Gigantic trait until a more permanent solution comes out in a future book. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand. This is for the Grow power, since there is no Gigantic trait or something else to have the power reflected on the character sheet? But then why doesn’t Small work in the same way for the Shrink power?

So in Devil Dinosaur’s case, he has the big trait twice because he’s huge and in his powers he also has Grow 1 (permanently huge). It’s a statistical work around really. But yeah idk why it doesn’t go for shrink as well.

Correct, in this situation this is to support Devil Dinosaur having the effect permanently. It will be handled differently in the future, and so we do not offer the same support for Shrink, which is not being used by any of the current characters in the ‘permanent’ way Devil Dinosaur is.