BUG: Book Position Resetting

When I have a book up it keeps resetting it’s position/chapter selection and reverting back to the Introduction. The book is specifically the Bestiary 1. It happens in less than a minute.


It’s a known issue when you use the library feature, if you open the book up specifically from the sources page in the pathfinder nexus, then you shouldn’t have a problem. I know the support staff are well aware and there has been talk about putting a disclaimer on the library feature, unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. From what they’ve said, expect it to get fixed, but not soon. Hope that helps.


Yes, confirming what Calexus has said, and adding a little more specificity: The My Library feature is not in a finished state yet, so there are some bugs, like the one you’ve encountered. Until we can address the issue, accessing books from their source page in the NEXUS is the best way to read your books uninterrupted. :slight_smile:


I noticed this happen too, glad it’s a known bug. I know, with time, the tools will get better but I still think you guys are stretching yourselves thin by supporting so much in such a short period of time. You can’t focus the time to get something done and then introduce the other stuff.

I know badeyes answer on the stream but some of these maybe wouldn’t be happening if they could focus more specifically but I don’t see the backend or anything so it’s just an uneducated opinion.

The misconception is that the same people are working on the different pieces, as well as what “other stuff” is being introduced.

The My Library feature was something introduced in the very first build when we went live with Early Access for the Digital Reader with Pathfinder NEXUS, and we almost held it out of that release because it was an afterthought during the initial design that we never finished. We left it in thinking “Oh, no one will pay too much attention to that little icon up there and we’ll actually make that work later.”

The intent was always to have the Sources page / menu as the primary way to access content to read (and that’s actually what we mean when we talk about the “Digital Reader”). The My Library feature was something we thought “would be cool” one day, but we never intended to focus on it before launch since the core experience was through Sources.

And, in fact, My Library has barely seen any use at all for over a year, so no one reported any of the issues with it, and we thought our initial assumption that no one would notice it was correct.

In recent weeks with the growth in scale (by factors) we have seen, we are now seeing that little icon is getting noticed more, so it’s become something we’re going to need to address sooner than we originally thought.

Saying all of the above to illustrate that the current My Library situation is not happening because we are “stretching [our]selves too thin” or because we can’t focus the time to get something done - it would be happening regardless of how much we’re up to because of how the feature was introduced in the first place…i.e. it probably shouldn’t have been.

As for the broader sense of all that we have going on, it’s tough for us to articulate right now since getting the “first” game out there has been such a big lift with Pathfinder has taken time, but we will end that lift with a platform where the other things can jump off of without having to do the same kind of lift. When we start gaining more traction and reap the benefits of building that platform starting later this year, it will be easier to see what I mean when I say that today.