Bug?: Character Perception at "L" on Level 1

Using Windows 11 on Microsoft Edge v111.0.1661.54.
I made a new character, a goblin fighter with Irongut ancestry and Street Urchin background.

Here is the background:
On skill training, I trained some skill abilities of my choice (stealth and survival) and then noticed that Nature cannot be trained on skills 3/4 even though I changed my mind about a skill. I took away a point of perception (2/4) after and then I saw Nature being available. I added the point to Nature (3/4), afterwards I noticed that Perception cannot be changed again. It said expert but was supposed to be trained.
I saved the character, left and re-entered the builder, and Perception can be changed again. The problem is that when I went to change perception, the point wasn’t actually used. Now I have the legendary perception on a level 1 character.

Unfortunately, leaving and re-entering the character builder does not reset the legendary proficiency of perception back to trained, as well as proficiency lowering (which immediately makes perception untrained).

I then removed Nature from the skill training and saw Perception as “master” with two points. I lowered it once and now Perception is untrained and cannot be trained again (and is stuck at +11).
And finally, I added Nature once again to make it 3/4.

Sorry if the post is too long. I wanted to explain the situation in as much detail as I remember.

Thanks for reporting! We’re in the process of smoothing things out to make sure everything works as expected, so feedback like this is helpful to make sure we haven’t missed anything. :slight_smile:

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