BUG: Class Options not visible on Safari Browser

After I select a class in the character builder, the class options pane appears and is black. If I scroll down in the class options pane I can see the level 9 through 20 options. Sometimes by scrolling back up carefully I can see the level 1 through 4 options appear but they either go blank when I move my curser over them or the menu does not expand when I click on the arrow.

I am using Safari Version 16.3 (18614. on an M1 MacBook Pro

When I switch to the FireFox Browser on the same computer and open same character the class options screen functions perfectly.


Thanks Swift!

That is an issue that we’re aware of and are in the process of hunting down. That black box is isolated to Safari and hopefully something we’ll have a fix for before too long. In the meantime, another browser may be your best bet. :slight_smile:

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