Bug: Duplicate listing of "fighter initial proficiencies - skill training"

Using Windows 11 on Microsoft Edge v111.0.1661.54.
This issue is similar to: Fighter Initial Proficiency - Demiplane Feedback / Character Tools Feedback - Demiplane Forums

When picking fighter skills, the list of skills (Acrobatics and Athletics) are duplicated, the counter being set to 0 instead of 1. This happened after I saved and left the character builder and then re-entered it.

I originally chose acrobatics.
The skills also say “untrained” but athletics is actually trained. I made a selection for acrobatics as well, thinking that I would somehow get trained in that as well, but it didn’t work.

A save and re-enter later, the next thing I did was click the - button for all skills, which didn’t change the count and also showed the untrained buttons but were unclickable. I clicked the “remove” button and it wiped out all of the skills being listed.

After saving, the character sheet still shows acrobatics as trained, even though I removed it.
Going back to the builder, remove seemed to have did nothing and the skill list still shows duplicated listings.
I even noticed that the X/4 skills section even is set to 0.

That should be it. Nothing else really happened besides the skill change of 0/4. Sorry if it’s too long.

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Thanks for reporting! I appreciate it :slight_smile:


I also have the same issue on Windows 10 using Chrome.
I thought I was going crazy with being able to select both Acrobatics and Athletics.

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This issue should be resolved with the new iteration of the character tools that is going to release in the next week or so. :slight_smile:

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Same here, Windows 10 / Firefox. Good to know it’s getting fixed soon and it might also be helpful to have a sticky ‘known issues’ list at the top of the subfora for each game.

I entered a GM-pregen fighter for a recent one-shot, and wondered why I was getting an extra skill beyond what they indicated. The character was also supposed to choose Mountain Strategy and Vicious Swing, which aren’t available yet. Has the dev team considered adding a blank placeholder feat so we can paste in the text of ones which haven’t been implemented yet?

Support for adding options that aren’t in the tools yet is likely something that will come with homebrew functionality, which we plan to start working on next year. :slight_smile:

Oh, I just meant a blank text field, no mechanics integration. It would just let the player note the choice on their sheet right next to the stuff that is integrated. It would also make the character creator/editor stop flagging the choice as unfilled.

But when you do offer homebrew tools, please have the default sorting go by something other than alphanumeric order. D&D Beyond’s homebrew lists are buried in junk with names like “A .48 Magnum” (quotes included) so the authors can get top listings with minimal effort.

It’s against the rules to manipulate the DDB homebrew sorting like that, but it’s not enforced unless someone reports the entries. I did so for over a year until the mod said there were too many, so I stopped volunteering my time. If there is a way to add someone else’s entry to your collection, the number of adds is the best way to bring good work to the top. Up- & down-voting is better than alphanumeric sorting, but it’s easily manipulated. Adds are better because if an entry is good enough to add to one’s collection, that’s a more significant endorsement.

And please let us delete entries. It takes some experimentation to learn the system, and everyone makes typos, but the way DDB locks in all shared entries makes it a mess you can never clean up. They want to avoid having someone depending on a shared entry and having it disappear on them, but if adds give the user a copy (which they can customize further), then it doesn’t matter if the original goes away.

As you can guess, I have engaged with the hodgepodge homebrew tools on DDB quite a bit.