Bug: Minor Magic not prompting for Choices in Character Builder

My Rogue in the Character builder selected Minor Magic as their 2nd level Rogue feat. It selects just fine, but doesn’t prompt for a Spell List selection nor does it Prompt for Cantrip Selections.

When looking at the Character sheet, it doesn’t list Minor Magic in the Spell section nor in the Manage Spell Slots.

Arcane Tattoo worked fine and is showing correctly in the Sheet.

Digging a little deeper, I added 2 spell slots via override. When I go to add her spells: Gouging Claw and Acid Splash it presents them as 1st level Spells and not Cantrips.

In fact if I go to try to add Shield it is also showing as 1st level and not a cantrip despite all three having the Cantrip Tag. It appears that perhaps Cantrips are set in the builder as level 1 and not level 0.

Thank you for the reports, FrostNumenor!

On Minor Magic: We have the issue logged, and are looking into it!

On the cantrips: Though cantrips do have level in Pathfinder 2e, you’re right that they should still be shown in the cantrips section. We have that logged and someone is going to be seeing what they can sort out!

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Awesome! I’ll keep checking the updates to see when it is remedied. Sorry my 5e was showing a bit there with Cantrips.

And had I read the updates before posting, I would have seen Minor Magic had been fixed. It is working as intended.

Thank you,