Bug: Pathfinder 2e - Rogue 1 Extra Skill

I created a Character I have on Wander’s Guide in the Character Builder. They are a Scoundrel and took Black Market Smuggler.

Rogue gives - Stealth plus 7+Int so in this case Stealth + 8 as she has a +1 Int
Black Market Smuggler gives - Stealth and Underworld Lore
Scoundrel gives - Diplomacy and Deception

So I should have 13 Trained Skills - 2 from Racket - 2 From Background + 9 from Class.

She has 14 Trained Skills and since she is level 2 she bumped Medicine up to Expert but that is irrelevant for the discussion.

What seems to be the problem is it applies Training from the Background and Racket, but since Smuggler provides T Stealth and the Class Provides T Stealth, I am to pick a fresh one.

In the Character Builder I have two sections in class that seem to possibly be where the issue is:

Class Options → Level 1 →
Rogue Skill Training 0/1
Skill Training 0/9

So that gives me 10 choices plus the 2 auto populated from Background and 2 auto populated from Racket = 14 total Skills when i expect only 13.

This should now be fixed–let me know if the issue persists!

This has been corrected. Looks like the Rogue Skill Training 0/1 was removed. Thank you!!

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