Bug: Pathfinder Char Sheets Won't Scroll All The Way Down on Multiple Tab Categories

Hi, I just signed uo for this tool, and I’ve noticed that several subtabs on the Pathfinder character sheets (specifically “Skills & Actions”, “Equipment”, & “Details”) won’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the content, truncating anything beneath the fold. I observed this on v116 of Chrome, on a Macbook Air running Ventura 13.1 as the OS.

Thanks for reporting this! Would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing so we can get a better sense of the issue as we start looking into this? :slight_smile:

It cuts off at different points, depending on if there’s a “choose lore” field for that particular character.

EDIT: This screenshot is on a standard 13in screen, but I get the same result on a larger display.

Thanks for this! And just to confirm: If you mouse over those listings and try to scroll down, it doesn’t go any further (as opposed to scrolling while moused over the sides of the sheet)? Each of those columns scrolls independently of the sheet and of each other, so if that’s not working, that’s something we’ll want to look into.

Ah, that is working: that’s pretty subtle, I wouldn’t have thought this was the case since I don’t get any visual indicatiors that those components acquire focus. Thanks for the help with this!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: