Bug: PF2E Syncretism Feat

Hello! While creating a human PF2E character with Natural Ambition, I’ve selected Syncretism as my bonus feat. I had previously reported (around June 6th, 2023) that upon selecting Syncretism, there was no way for me to select an additional deity. You all responded that you were aware of an issue with Natural Ambition. Recently, I’ve noticed that Syncretism is now prompting me to select an additional deity, which seems like a step in the right direction. However, when I go to select that additional deity, the options are simply blank. The screen to the right loads and it just says HUMAN at the top. No deity options populate. I’ve tried it on several devices and multiple browsers all with the same result. My character creation stands with a missing component under Syncretism: Deity 0/1. So it knows I need to select one, it’s just not giving me the option to actually do so. Just wanted to update you in case you’re unaware of this bug. Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll make a note for our team to take a look. :slight_smile:

Thank you! This appears to be fixed. I was able to pick another deity. Now we’re getting a little deeper. Looks like I can choose the deity, but I see no way to choose a Domain of that deity (which would unlock a focus power that should be added to my sheet). Let me know if I’m just missing it. It doesn’t seem to appear under the Versatile Heritage/Syncretism area under Ancestry, nor does it appear to show up under class where you pick your first Domain. Thanks for your help!