Bug Report - Domain Card Slots Bug

Somehow my character only has 4 domain card slots available? I’m not sure how this happened. Demiplane

Thank you for the report! We’re digging into what’s happening here, and will update you when we have a fix.

Looks like the team has found a short-term fix that you can apply on your character to get your slot back!

It appears that the fifth slot is looking for “Lead by Example” (a 9th level domain card). If you add that domain card back in (you can level up to 9 temporarily to do so, add it, visit the sheet, then go back to the builder and level back down to 4), it should get your slot back. I was able to do this on a copy of your character and the lovely Bertrand Frog has five slots again. Hope that helps, and thanks a ton for the report!

Additionally: Do you remember how you originally added/removed Lead by Example? It may help our team nail down the cause and prevent this from happening again in the future.

I’m having a similar issue. I have a domain card in the vault and can’t get it out - so I should have two domain cards available, and instead I can only see one.

Would you be able to share a link to your character here so we can take a look?

You should be able to allow the character to be viewed by clicking the name while in the sheet, and in the drawer switching it to “Anyone with a link”

Possibly related bug. I had chosen the level up option of an additional domain card (at L4), meaning I had one card in the Vault. When I either change what cards I’ve selected (as level options, not by swapping) or remove the extra card option (meaning that extra card goes bye), I end up with a duplicate card listing on my sheet rather than moving the extra card out of the vault. (And now it’s stuck there because I don’t have an extra card any more.)

Thank you for the detailed report, Woogawoman! I’ll get this passed on to the team.

Additionally: If you swap out the extra Reckless on the sheet with a card in your vault, does the extra stay i your vault, or go away?

At the moment, I can’t swap because I’m down below the limit (the system doesn’t think I should have anything in my vault). On a previous instance, I was able to swap the extra one with the card in the Vault, and IIRC, the extra then disappeared properly.

Also, I’ve already fixed her on a copied character (by deselecting/reselecting all my cards), so no rush on “Phoebe Bugged.” She’s just there for you guys to look at. :slight_smile:

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