Bug: Weapon Proficiency Calculated Incorrectly

The orc necksplitter shows a +4 attack bonus (level 1 orc barbarian, 18 str). The character has the orc weapon familiarity feat, so the necksplitter should count as a martial weapon instead of advanced and therefore should apply trained proficiency bonus.

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Thanks, we’ll look into it!

I just wanted to add that the same thing happened on my Goblin Rogue; I chose Goblin Weapon Familiarity, but the Dogslicer(Finesse) action still only shows +4.

Thanks! We still have ground to cover on feats before everything is fully functioning, and this is one area where we haven’t connected everything behind the scenes yet, but it’s on the roadmap.

In the meantime, knowing where things aren’t calculating correctly is helpful as we work through our to-do list, so please continue to list more as you find them. :slight_smile:

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