Bug - Weird Science

Both backgrounds are shown as if they are from the playtest document when one is from the core book and the other from the playest book.

Also Request: A way to filter out the playtest book content.

Hi there! Could you provide a little more information about where you’re seeing the incorrect information for Weird Science and Weird Science: Gamma Mutate?

Playtest content should not show up in the character tools. The only time you should see content that was in the playtest there is when it’s content that was kept in the final rulebook (which will have any updates that came from the Core Rulebook, if applicable)

Weird Science: Gamma Mutate is not in the core book… only Weird Science

That’s not the case for other playtest material. For example, I can see the camouflage power in the demiplane, which is not in the core book.

Sorry needed to edit that for some reason I said only when I meant not in

I can work on a list of the playtest items I see that are not in the core book if you want.

Weird Science: Gamma Mutate is indeed present in the Core Book! It is the final origin before the section heading for Occupations.

Are you seeing Camouflage in the game listing on the NEXUS, or are you seeing it inside of the character tools? You will see all content you own when looking at the game listing (but can use the “Source” filter to only show content belonging to specific sources), but playtest only content shouldn’t appear in the character tools. If you’re seeing them there, we can definitely take a look!

Someone did something because I no longer see any playtest powers like Camouflage. Nice.