Bugs with Some Legacy Content Still Appearing when Option is Unchecked

Hi, it’s possible you already know about this, but I did notice that a few feats and spells from the legacy stuff still show up when the “Show Legacy Content” setting is off, even if they still have a remastered version. Two examples include the remastered spell Ignition and it’s older version Produce Flame both being available to select for my Wizard, and both the remastered feat Vicious Swing and its legacy counterpart Power Attack both showing up for my Fighter. Both characters are brand new and not showing as Beta. If it would be helpful I can list more of these as I find them. If you’re already working on it, that’s my bad.

There was a remastered version of Produce Flame included in the errata that come out alongside the new Core books, which is why we updated it, but I’ll look into Power Attack, because I don’t believe that was remastered. :slight_smile:

If there’s anything else that you think might be incorrect, feel free to flag it and we’ll do a double check.

Power Attack should be removed from the character tools.