Bugs with Wizard Character

Some bugaboos I noticed while making a Wizard character:

  • Selecting the Universalist option as the “school” doesn’t register as the selection for the Arcane School.

  • When attempting to add Feats using the character builder, any feats beyond page 1 do not show up if clicking on page 2, 3, etc. It gets stuck on the list on page 1.

  • Not sure if it’s a “name-length” thing, but my character’s name shows up as unreadable black text on the dark background of the character sheet (see screenshot)

Thanks for the feedback! These are all things we’re aware of and looking into. :slight_smile:

Thank you @joshuamsimons ! I’m trying to create another Wizard (level one) and encountered some more bugs I wanted to pass along:

First, I am stuck in a loop when trying to choose my Wizard’s “school” - it worked the first time I was going through the creation process, but it didn’t “save”…now whenever I try to go back and add the School or the Thesis, the selection window just keeps going back to the “Choosing Your Class” overview.

Second, I cannot seem to save the character properly and the name and character portrait do not show up in my character “list.”

Loving the character builder so far! Happy holidays!

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