Builder option weapon link leaves the builder

I was making a tengu investigator and looking at the tengu weapon familiarity feat. I’m not familiar with khakkaras or wakizashi specific options and wanted to check them out. Mouse over doesn’t give the pop-over, and I expected clicking to bring up the right side fly-over panel, but instead it took me out of the builder and went to the page. This sucks because leaving and returning to the builder is not a good experience at the moment. It would be better if mouseover popup information worked or the right side flyover panel slid in.

Also, the Tengu Weapon Familiarity feat should allow for “choose two weapons from the sword group. You can choose from among all common martial swords, plus the katana, temple sword, and wakizashi.”, but no selection comes available in the builder.

Thanks for this feedback. We’re exploring how best to handle this. :slight_smile: