Buying books as player, then giving access to a DM. Doable?

Hi all,

I’m considering buying the rulebook bundle and AP for Pathfinder 2, getting a subscription, and sharing with the group. However, I don’t want to DM and someone in my group will do it. Is that feasible? As in, does it affect if I’m only the player but I own the books vs the DM owning the books?

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Adding the GM user to your Content Share will give the GM access to the books you own, do they can’t share the content with other players.

You will need to add those users to your Content Share list for that to happen.

Yep, what artemisthemp here says is exactly right. You can share books with your GM for them to use easily. :slight_smile:

It’s not like you’re just limited to 4-5 either, it’s 24

Keep in mind the sharing only goes one way, so you won’t get access to any books the GM own, unless they get a membership and put you on the Sharelist.