Buying demiplane rule books vs just using the compendium?

I was looking at the info in the compendiums.
They are amazing. However I was wondering the following.

  1. What does a person get, buying the Bestiary 1 vs just looking it up in the compendium?
  2. Is it just the pdf file of the actual book?
  3. Is there added information or art once you purchase the books via the preorder?

I’m not complaining, I just want to know the difference.


Hello, and good question.

Purchasing the “Bestiary 1” in your example unlocks that book in the Digital Reader (all the artwork, navigation for reading, the upcoming annotations feature, and more) plus all that book’s contents in the Character Builder and Digital Character Sheet when that comes. That would go for all books.

I realize the Bestiary 1 might not have a ton to offer for the impending Character Management features, but the same principle would apply to any other future tools (like the eventual Encounter Builder and any other future “challenge management” tools).

Hopefully that helps!


I’m not staff, but I can answer # 2.

It’s the same content of the pdf rulebooks… but customized in format with hotlinks and tooltips to the compendium, mobile format, hotlinks to other parts of the same source…maybe other sources. And they’ve done a great job and edit errors pretty quickly when notified of them. If you buy it here and link to your Paizo account you will get the pdf as well.

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So compendium wise, nothing extra comes from buying the books.

The main things are the PDF and the online book readable format (which displays even on phones, which in itself is fricking amazing)

I was just wondering about the compendium even have the art regardless of demiplane book ownership.

The encounter builder is something I totally forgot about.

Thank you for your answer.

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I have more or less the same question : I have all the PDF (sold on, the official Paizo distributor in France), but if I want to use your tools, I should buy again these PDF, right ?

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Do your pdf’s show up on paizo’s website? If so you can link them and get a discount at Demiplane.

To use the compendium you do NOT need to buy the Demiplane books. All the info in there is available to all users without buying any of the books.

If you want to use the encounter builder and easy quick fill bits in the upcoming character management then it would be useful to get the Demiplane books.

To be clear, the encounter builder and character management are still being made and worked upon. They aren’t even out for beta testing yet.

Lastly another great reason to get the books on Demiplane, the site formats them so you can read the books on almost any device, even a smartphone. The text is easily readable.

Thanks for your clear answer.
To be honest, since I bought the translated version of the PDF, I am not sure that it will appear on Paizo’s web site. I will check it.
By the way, since I want to try to use your tool more or less like D&D beyound, I think that I will buy Demiplane books as soon as the encounter builder and character management will released.

The Pathfinder Advantage only works with books published by Paizo and sold on The linked books are published by Black Book Editions under license from Paizo, but are not linked via the Pathfinder Advantage the way the English-language books are.

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