Buying Individual Chapters

Okay so, I know this is a stretch and will probably never happen, but here are my thoughts.
There is a lot of content for RPGS out there scattered through multitude books, which makes playing the tailor-made campaign you want a really expensive endeavor. Not every one needs every monster, or the information on every country. Adding the ability to buy single chapters (perhaps counting those as part of payment for the whole book) would help financially a whole lot.

Personally, I am really curious about the Geb chapter of the Book of the Dead, but buying a whole $30+ book for a single chapter is not really worth it.

That sounds like a great idea, but I’m willing to bet the platforms like Demiplane, Roll20, dndbeyond, etc, aren’t the ones who make that call… it’s likely up to the publishers. :frowning: Honestly, sounds like a very positive consumer-first idea though.

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I don’t really know who would be the one to make the call, it would depend on their contracts and such. My guess is that it would have to be an agreement between both. But yeah, it would be a very positive consumer-first idea.

Dndbeyond has it where you can purchase individual monsters, individual classes, etc., if you don’t want/need the entire book. It would be great to even see something like that.

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We do plan to implement piecemeal purchases for character options within character tools in the future. There’s some more ground we need to cover before we can do that successfully, but it’s on the roadmap! :slight_smile:


Thanks. That will be real helpful.