Buying rule books - Bundles

I am very interested in buying all my books through PathfinderNexus and make use of your future services. For folks buying books in EA, are you planning on providing any bundled options?

Here is what was said in another post.

Thanks. I did see that and they I had hoped a “few weeks” have already elapsed.

During the last update @BadEye mentioned that they were done with a lot of the last omens content. If that’s the case, I was hoping they were close to releasing their bundles.

Not quite ready to share bundle details yet, but we will absolutely do so during Early Access before the full launch. Thanks!

Can I use my books here if I already bought them on Paizo? HELP ME I am a writer and publisher…you have no idea how poor that makes me. Its like an involuntary vow of poverty.

If you purchased your books digitally through Paizo, once you sync your account with Pathfinder nexus, you should get a discount. I think my books were about 50% off.

Its a thing that has to happen unfortunately, as Demiplane Nexus isn’t part of Paizo, but partnered up with them (or something along those lines).

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Well nexus wants a piece of any games I run here…and not let me port my books seems well harsh.

I get it. Being broke sucks.

I’m sure that Demiplane negotiated with Paizo for them to not only be able to discount for people that own Paizo pdfs… but for the ability to buy the books here and get the pdfs at Paizo in return.

They are two separate companies and Demiplane has a license it must adhere to. I’m sure they’d love to be able to just import books. That’s not how publishing works though. Especially because the versions of the books here also require work of their own to be made. Not the same product any more than a Core Rulebook and a Pocket Rulebook are the same.

YEah but it’s also like 1500 bucks :slight_smile: So broke or not-like right I am still not able to do it.

Yeah… I’m not sure what happened to the many little bundles they had for a while. But those certainly would help.

Well if people would get me the CORE Rule book-the Advanced Playerguide and the Bestery I could run games-I usually do like $15 a player so I would run games for free for a couple sessions to get the books.
I also write materials.

I mean, strictly speaking… Demiplane doesn’t want a piece of any games you are running.
As i understand it, they facilitate the payment that people would be making towards you (for paid sessions) or when your players tip you; It is natural for a company that facilitates payment to receive a portion of that and its up to you to deem whether or not it is a fair rate.

As for your existing books; Demiplane is its own company. They do have bundles from time to time, but unless their business plan was to go under before they ever really began, they have to sell the books for you to access them on their systems; and as it stands right now, buying all of the books with their 25% discount would cost a total of ~$1050.00, and if you own all of the pdfs through Paizo already, there would be an even larger discount because of the deals they have with Paizo.

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