Pathfinder Rules Bundle

I am thinking of buying the core rulebook and advanced player guides as I don’t currently own them on pdf. I am just trying to decide if I should wait for the bundle information to be released.When do you think you will have price information on the rules bundle? Also will there be discounts applied on the bundle if you only own some of the books in pdf form? If I buy a source now that I don’t already own on pdf will the price of that book be deducted from the bundle?

this what they said about one of the bundles A variety of product bundles will be made available over time, including an Ultimate Bundle that includes all Pathfinder official content, as well as bundles by book type - Rulebooks, Lost Omens, and Adventures. These bundles will be introduced later in the Early Access phase. Any money spent on pre-orders during Early Access will be credited to future bundle purchases once they are available.


I hope they release the price of the bundle soon. I think that will make or break the service. If they can make the inital price attractive enough to invested players they can lock them into their service for life. Unlike D&D Beyond their other options out there for Pathfinder players so the vaule needs to be there.

Details on bundles will be shared in the next few weeks - we’ll keep everyone posted!


I think implementing a rule book, setting, adventure path, adventure module, and PF society subscription would be awesome. I have collected hundreds of books over the decades and had to purchase book shelves to store them. With today’s technology, I would prefer to be able to reference them online in a nice web based reader like you have and keep the old books on the shelves for nostalgia.