Can I buy a physical copy and get the digital on here for free?

Now that Candela Obscura is out, I was planning on buying a copy to read through and then I found out about Demiplane. Is there anyway I can buy a physical copy of Candela Obscura, and in some way prove that I own it physically, to then get the digital copy on here for free? I’d rather not buy the same thing twice, even if the digital copy is cheaper.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first time using Demiplane ever.

At this time there is no option to access a digital copy of your previously purchased Candela Obscura book. Our digital sourcebooks and toolset are a separate product and purchase from other versions of the book, and I hope you’ll try it out here as we’ve loved putting it into this format!

We’re committed to offering the best deals and support we can within the terms of our agreements, which is why the Candela Obscura Core Rulebook is currently available for $10 off to celebrate the launch of the NEXUS. Currently, it is $19.99, but full price it will be $29.99 once the sale ends. :slight_smile:

Thanks for such a quick response! Unfortunate that isn’t an option but I’ll make do. Thanks again for the help.

You should keep an eye out to see what we have to offer in terms of Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend deals. I don’t know what exactly that’s going to look like yet, but it might help make it easier to get the digital copy!

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