Can not spend xp with advantage points at character creation

While creating a character, I’m trying to by the 5th and 4th levels in the Theo bell Loresheet at character creation. I may be doing something wrong, but I’m trying to use the seven points you get with advantages and buy 2 more dots with xp. I can’t find a way to do this. It is wanting me to spend the seven points in advantages first, and use xp separate. I think you should be able to buy the the 4th and 5th dot in the loresheet using 7 points from advantages, and buy the other 2 dots with 6 xp, but I could be mistaken.

A lot of STs will allow this mechanic (myself included), but by strict RAW in V5, Nexus gets it right. I do wish there were an optional (house rule) way to do that though. You can apply this work-around, if your ST allows the house rule:

  1. Buy some “throw away” things with the points.
  2. In the regular Sheet, under Loresheets, click on the manage button.
  3. on the selection list, select the loresheet you want. close the drawer (optional)
  4. back in the main part of the sheet, you’ll see the loresheet added with no dots. Select it.
  5. in teh side bar, select the manage button under merits.
  6. turn off teh “Use XP” slider.
  7. Select the Loresheet Merit(s) desired, turn “Use XP” back on.
  8. Select the merit (if multiple, do this one at a time) and click the gear
  9. Set the Override to the appropriate number of dots.
  10. Close the sidebar.
    Don’t forget to do basically the same thing with the “throw aways” you bought with real dots, but set the override to 0.
    Instead of actual throwaways, you can bump actual Advantages higher than you want and scale them back with the technique above.

It’s a PITA, but it works well enough.
I use this method for the “bonus merits” from some Loresheet abilities too.

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