Can you add Essence 20 to the system options when forming/searching for groups?

An Essence 20 Nexus may be too much to ask for, but having the system as an option for groups seems reasonable.

The Essence 20 system has 4 games at this point. Can you add the system as an option for creating/searching for groups? It seems strange that it isn’t already an option, as the system and games are published by Renegade who also publish Vampire and Hunter, for which you have a Nexus.

Question for you: Would it make more sense to have four individual game entries for each game at this point, as opposed to the larger system? If the games aren’t interchangeable, it seems like that would make more sense in this situation, would it not?

The games are interchangeable. There are variations in the presentation of the system based on the primary themes of each game, but they all use the same terminology and the same core mechanics.

They even have a dedicated crossover supplement and some mashup adventures in the pipe.

I initially had no interest in the system, just the lore and art of the licenses. The system really shines through though. It has a lot of adaptability, but it isn’t overly broad. It doesn’t have the feel of something that was built to do anything for every type of game. The core is simple and fast with lots of options for converting different situational factors into roll modifiers.

To your question of which approach is better, the individual licenses are certainly more recognizable than the system, so while I may be a fan of the system itself, it may be better to list them individually as that’s what will probably catch people’s eye.

I don’t know how these things work behind the scenes, but, given that they clearly put a lot of effort into developing these products, I’d hope the company would have someone available to express an opinion one way or the other.

Anyway, thanks for your prompt response, and thanks for seeking my opinion.

I’ll do some research into the games and figure out what makes sense for us to try and do. :slight_smile: