Canceled Pathfinder subscription. I feel lied to and mislead

Back when the remaster of Pathfinder second edition was announced. Demiplane promised and swore up and down that the legacy Pathfinder 2E builder would be supported. If that is the case, how come every character I make with it does’nt show atribute vales and just modifiers like the remaster does? How come you can’t choose alignment like in Legacy pathfinder2e? How come I see remaster stuff in the character maker when I select “Show legacy items”. I don’t want to see ANY remaster stuff. At all, ever. I am sticking with legacy and I should have the option to use and see only that. I was told that’s how it can be. I have no use for the remaster stuff.

I have been a subscriber since day one of when subscriptions were offered. I just canceled today because of you lying to your customers.

A can not trust anything this company says at all, ever again. I will no longer support you and tell my fellow players not to support you, either.

Hello and thanks for posting.

I’m not sure which communications you are referring to specifically when the Remaster Project was announced, but those went out saying that until we saw the final remastered content and confirmed everything with Paizo, that anything we shared was subject to change. Having said that, all along the way we confirmed that no one would lose access to legacy content as the remastered content was released, and we have delivered on that affirmation following the Remaster release. You can see legacy content in the character builder and sheet, you can still access any book content you have unlocked in the digital reader, and legacy content can be toggled on in the game compendium.

It looks like the confusion mentioned in your post is in regards to the expectation and assumption that we would allow for the legacy content only to be displayed and used, and that is not the direction we went with once we saw the final Remaster content and discussed the future of the game and how legacy content was being considered with Paizo.

It is paramount for us to ensure no content that you have unlocked is inaccessible (so you are able to still see legacy content in all the places as I mentioned above), but we always stay 100% up to date on the latest game updates and errata, and the Remaster is a fundamental shift for Pathfinder that fits that description. For us to support Pathfinder 2e with Pathfinder NEXUS, the remaster is the latest / greatest, and it is what all new products that will release, or products that won’t see a new release will be updated to, in the future.

I’m sorry if our messaging led to any confusion - it is a rather unique circumstance given that most games’ life cycles don’t include an errata update this big without it being an entirely new edition (which would have likely meant an entirely new NEXUS for us). It is (obviously) your right to only play with legacy content and use whatever tools you would like to use to support your play, but I wanted to assert that we have not lied or (deliberately) misled anyone with our communications about Remaster content. We confirmed our direction as soon as we were able to review all of the variables as we said we would do all along.



I beilive Demiplane stated the same day the remaster was announced, that you could use the character maker with just the legacy rules. I posted someplace and asked that speifically. I was told the character maker would support legacy and you would’nt have to upgrade to remaster. It may have been Twitter.

The only reason I kept supporting your company was the promise of not worrying about having the remaster stuff being forced into the character maker, that it would’nt change if you did’nt want it to. Demiplane said it would’nt change, but decided to change it anyway. They said screw the customer. We will lead them on and still take their money.

I wish I could the money I wasted by subscribing to you. Saying sorry for the confusion does’nt make it OK. Like I said, you lost me as a customer for life. I hope you are happy.

I have not tested this fully but it looks like Pathbuilder 2e still lets you build characters without the Remastered Rules.

Hope this may help your situation.

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I just had time to play with Demiplane’s spin on dealing with Character creation and Legacy
Here is a quick look at what it looks like.