Candela Obscura and Daggerheart. Player interest?

14th May or 14:00hrs?

14h00 hours

Whats your Discord?

My discord is : m_a_r_y

I’m so late to this post, but I’m interested in playing!

How is it so many seem so interested in these two games & yet I have been unable to find a single opening for either!?
I’ve been searching for Candela since it was announced for Nexus and now here I am, again with Duggerheart.

I love a deeply immersive RP, and I’m available Wed/Thurs or Sat evenings. Please, keep me in mind if you have an opening.
Discord: GamerGranny420

Intrested in Candela Obscura?
What time zone are you in?

Hi omg just saw the reply :scream: I’d very much be interested to join if there’s still a seat! My discord is HalflingWitch